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Which Type of Flip Chart Stands Are Best For Your Needs?

Most flip charts stand on two large flat surfaces, a top surface and a back surface. Some models even have a magnetic clasp at the base which holds multiple sheets in place, either with or without perforations. Many tripod models also have a collapsible version which makes them ideal for transportation. This article describes which type of flip chart stands would best suit your needs. Read More – https://www.ltc.sg/product-category/newspaper-magazine-flip-chart-stands/

What types of presentation easels are currently available?

Magnetic flip charts are portable and lightweight, and include a single sheet of graph paper, and a magnetic clasp at the base with which to hold multiple sheets. These models may include magnetic flip chart markers. They are made of durable plastic and will withstand heavy use. Some models also include a pre-drilled hole for the easy placement of coin clips.

Perforated flip chart stands can be used to display both horizontal and vertical data, and are quite sturdy. Most models are manufactured from a polyethylene material, so they are strong and durable. Models that have holes are easily attached to chairs, so they can easily be used in any room. One disadvantage is that there may be some distortion if the holes are close to each other when the flip chart is opened.

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