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Top 5 Beaches in Ghana

While there are many smiles to be found in Ghana, one of the most surprising things to discover is the dangerous coastline. Every year, people die in the water. Waves and currents are extremely powerful and even the most experienced swimmer can end up in trouble because of panic. To protect yourself, avoid swimming alone or in large groups, and take a short nature walk before you head out onto the beach. Read on for a few safety tips. Want to learn more? Click here!

top 5 beaches in ghana

Located just outside of Accra, the pristine Anomabo Beach is the perfect destination for those who enjoy a quiet vacation. Located near the coastal town of Axim, this beach is a short drive from the capital. It is often uncrowded and is ideal for relaxing. The small town of Keta makes it an excellent location for a relaxing vacation. There are no big hotels or resorts, and visitors can enjoy fresh seafood and relax on a hammock.

Elmina Beach is a hidden gem in the southern part of Ghana, boasting a gorgeous coastline and natural palm trees. It is one of the best places for surfing in the country, and offers two surf schools where you can take lessons from professionals. You can also rent a surfboard to try out the waves. The waves are surprisingly strong for this area, so there is plenty to do when you’re here. If you’re not a surfer, however, you can enjoy a tropical coconut shake while watching the sun.

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