Day: October 26, 2021

Shop Harry Potter Merchandise OnlineShop Harry Potter Merchandise Online

It seems like everywhere you look there is another Harry Potter Merchandise store opening. In fact, I was at a party the other day and saw two stores that had Harry Potter items for sale. As I was walking away from the store I turned around to ask my friend how I can get a hold of any Harry Potter stuff I want. She told me to just come check out the stores.

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I knew I shouldn’t buy anything from the store but I did anyway. The employees at the store were very nice and I got to see some of their merchandise. They had pictures of the latest movies and even had a small section where you could buy Harry Potter t-shirts and other related items. My friend really liked the t-shirts because they had pictures of JK Rowling herself on them. This was a very surprising news to her because she never knew that such a famous writer was into merchandising.

After visiting the Potter Merchandising store I still can’t believe I saw JK Rowling’s face when I walked in! It was a very surreal moment. After that visit I’ve been trying to find out more about this Harry Potter merchandising store. I am really looking forward to seeing the rest of their items. I know I’ll be buying a lot of stuff!